Tarmacing in Accrington, Darwen, Blackburn

and the Surrounding Areas

Do you need to surface a tarmac road, car park or path? At A & T Resurfacing, we provide a wide range of tarmacing services for every need. Our team of surfacing and resurfacing specialists shares over 100 years of trade experience, so we can manage projects of any size and complexity. Whether we work with private homeowners or commercial clients, we adapt our approach to deliver results of unmatched quality on time and within budget.

Based in Clayton le Moors, our company covers all surrounding areas. Our key service locations include Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Darwen and Preston, to name a few.

In addition to tarmacadam, A & T Resurfacing also lays asphalt. It’s important to note that these two materials are different, despite looking exactly the same.

When making tarmacadam, our team coats crushed stone with tar. After application, this material creates a strong, durable surface with impressive grip and water resistance. To produce asphalt, we mix asphaltic cement and finer aggregates such as grit and sand. This process creates a hardwearing, low-maintenance surface.

As tarmacing and all-round resurfacing specialists, we can apply both materials as a range of surfaces in all sectors, be it a car park in Accrington, a road in Blackburn or a multi-sport court in Darwen.

This also includes tarmac drives for residential and business properties. We have a dedicated driveways page where you can find more information about this service. Likewise, you can visit the resurfacing page to learn more about this specific aspect of our work.

The Tarmacing Process

Due to the level of skill involved, you must leave tarmac surfacing and resurfacing in the hands of a proven expert. Our team uses time-served expertise to deliver rapid turnaround times, outstanding workmanship and long-lasting results. This means you benefit from a cost-effective solution with minimal disruption.

Like all reputable surfacing and resurfacing specialists, our company invests in the latest tools, equipment and machinery. When at your site in Accrington, Blackburn, Darwen or the wider East Lancashire area, we use tarmacadam machines to lay your material with precision. This process creates a flat surface with minor compaction. We then further compact the tarmac using a roller.

Layers of Construction

While every tarmacing job has its own unique qualities, they tend to share certain similarities. Generally speaking, your finished surface will have multiple layers. These start with the foundations. We typically excavate down to between 16cm and 18cm for a driveway or path. After this we lay a sub-base of crushed hardcore which we compact with a roller.

Next, we add in your chosen edging. This is usually one of kerb stones, concrete blocks or decorative stone. Whichever option you choose, we lay and haunch them on both sides to provide the necessary support while laying the tarmacadam.

We apply the tarmacadam itself in two layers:

For the base layer, we use a larger grade of aggregate. Once laid out across the surface, we ensure it has level and even spread. We then use the roller again, compacting until it no longer leaves any marks on the layer.

The wearing course consists of smaller aggregate grains. This produces a finer, more durable and aesthetically pleasing surface. When performed by a reliable tarmacing company like ours, resurfacing in the future is much easier and efficient. Our resurfacing specialists can simply skim away the tired wearing course and rejuvenate your surface with a new one. This process is known as an ‘inlay’, and we perform it in and around Accrington, Blackburn and Darwen. We can also meet all ‘overlay’ needs too.

Tarmacadam surfaces set quickly, often within an hour or two. They are soon available for careful use. However, we advise avoiding aggressive braking and accelerating for at least a week after laying.

Call 01254 392 897 or 07930 128 536 to talk over your tarmacing needs in Accrington, Blackburn, Darwen or any other East Lancashire location.


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