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Comparing Tarmac and Resin Driveways

Are you ready to invest in a new driveway for your Blackburn property? As resurfacing and landscaping contractors, A & T Resurfacing installs stunning new drives in a range of materials. From resin driveways to tarmac drives, our team always delivers immaculate results. With over 100 years of shared trade experience, local property owners, businesses and authorities regard us as their trusted landscaping, tarmacing and resurfacing specialists.

With our expertise, we offer free, no-obligation guidance and advice. We recognise how important your work is to you, so we do whatever it takes to ensure you receive results that tick every box.

Below, we have focused on one of the most popular services that we undertake as resurfacing and landscaping contractors: driveway installation. In particular, we will compare resin driveways and tarmac drives to find out which option may better suit your needs.

The following advice is only a guide. For a personalised service, call us on 01254 392 897 or 07930 128 536 to schedule an initial consultation. Our landscaping, tarmacing and resurfacing specialists happily visit sites across Blackburn.

Resin Driveways or Tarmac Drives?

When comparing these two materials, it’s important to note that there is no right or wrong solution. They are both outstanding options with impressive longevity. Our company also lays driveways using asphalt, brick, gravel, concrete and paving slabs.

Tarmac Drives

Tarmacadam has long been one of the most popular surfacing materials, not just in Blackburn but across the country. In short, the material is a mix of tar and broken aggregates. Tarmacing holds huge appeal when it comes to surfacing or resurfacing large areas.

This is because the larger the area you need to surface, the more cost-effective tarmacadam becomes. Despite being a cheaper alternative in such cases, there’s no compromise in performance and durability.

However, these cost benefits are less obvious when applied to tarmac drives, especially individual ones. This is why it’s advisable to club together with neighbours and hire our resurfacing and landscaping contractors for multiple driveways.

Whether you take this approach or not, our resurfacing specialists create a hardwearing, entirely smooth surface that has great grip in most weather conditions. Tarmacadam is also quick to install and customisable. You can choose various decorative edging options and a wide range of colours.

Resin Driveways

It’s important to note from the outset that our resin drives are resin-bonded, not resin-bound. Despite their similar names, they produce markedly different results. But how does the process compare with tarmacing?

When laying a resin-bonded drive in Blackburn, our resurfacing and landscaping contractors apply a thick layer of resin film to the surface at hand. We then scatter cleaned and dried aggregate on top of it. These stones range from 1mm to 6mm.

The resulting driveway has a rough texture not too dissimilar to gravel, but the resin holds the aggregate in place. When completed by resurfacing specialists, these drives are naturally robust, slip-resistant and low-maintenance. They are also highly resistant to weed growth.

It’s worth noting that these resin driveways are non-porous – but this is also true of tarmac drives. As a result, you will likely need to consider additional drainage features to ensure SUDS compliancy.

For all your tarmacing, landscaping and resurfacing work in Blackburn and the neighbouring areas, look no further than A & T Resurfacing.

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