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Are you looking for tarmacing, landscaping or resurfacing specialists in or around the Darwen area? From new tarmac drives to road resurfacing, and resin driveways to garden design, the services we provide have a huge impact. If you’re a private homeowner, a new drive or a garden makeover transforms how your property looks and functions. If you’re a commercial client, hiring our resurfacing and landscaping contractors has a significant affect on how people view your business.

Before you commit to your project, it’s understandable to ask as many questions as possible. At A & T Resurfacing, we want you to have complete confidence from the outset. As such, our tarmacing, landscaping and resurfacing specialists happily answer queries from prospective clients in Darwen and all surrounding areas.

To get your service off to a flying start, we have answered some of the most popular questions our resurfacing and landscaping contractors receive about tarmac drives, resin driveways, resurfacing works and more.

Answering Your Service-Related Questions

Do you lay drives at residential properties?

Absolutely! Domestic driveways represent a core part of our business. Our time-served landscaping and resurfacing specialists supply and install a wide range of materials to meet as many needs and tastes as possible. These include:

  • Resin Driveways
  • Tarmac Drives
  • Asphalt Drives
  • Gravel Drives
  • Concrete Drives
  • Paved Drives
  • Brick Drives

Please note, our resurfacing and landscaping contractors lay resin-bonded drives. We do not provide resin-bound surfacing.

My tarmac surface looks OK. How do I know when to resurface it?

If tarmac drives (or any other tarmacing) show signs of wear and tear, or even cracking, it is likely already compromised. As tarmacadam surfaces age, the bitumen oxidises, becomes more brittle and eventually starts to crack. High-traffic roads, drives and paths in Darwen also suffer considerable surface wear. Of course, this further compounds the damage that naturally comes with age.

To minimise disruption and maximise your initial surfacing investment, you must take a proactive approach. Simply waiting for more visible signs of wear and damage is a false economy.

Even the smallest cracks allow water to seep beneath the surface. When this moisture reaches the base layers, it will eventually freeze as the temperature drops. This expansion, combined with continued downward pressure, eventually results in potholes. You may even need to invest in a complete reconstruction.

Hiring our tarmacing, landscaping and resurfacing specialists for overlay and inlay services helps to keep your road waterproof and resilient.

Are your resin driveways SUDS compliant?

As time-served landscaping contractors, we make all our new driveways in the Darwen area SUDS compliant. Permeable materials, like loose gravel, brick and porous asphalt are automatically compliant as they allow water to drain through the surface to the ground below.

Non-porous surfaces, like tarmac drives and resin driveways, require extra drainage features to comply. One of the most common solutions in this regard is the installation of a drainage channel. As tarmacing and resurfacing specialists, we can integrate a barely perceptible fall into your drive. This allows rainwater to run off the surface. It then enters the channel where it flows toward a lawn, border or soakaway.

Based in Clayton le Moors, A & T Resurfacing covers all locations in Darwen and the surrounding areas.

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